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Bob Roncker’s Running Spot aims to help people walk and run more enjoyably and frequently. Smooth Running increases your enjoyment by:

  • Explaining and demonstrating good running form and technique
  • Identifying weaknesses and imbalances that may lead to injury or decreased performance
  • Giving you the tools to correct these deficiencies
  • Providing skills that lead to better running

For each session, come prepared to exercise or run.... please dress accordingly! Open to runners, walkers and triathletes. All levels, ages and abilities welcome.

Smooth Running

Bob Roncker and staff will include an overview of the elements leading to improved running form. Participants will see a slow motion video of their lower extremities, taken as they run, and receive a document covering the essentials of Smooth Running.

Group Size: Limited to 25
Fee: Free
Location: Running Spot O’Bryonville, Museum Area
When: See Below:

Session Length: 1.75 hours
Session Times:

What people are saying about Smooth Running
I got a LOT out of the class. I made a few tweaks in my running form and dropped about :30 per mile off my long run pace with the same effort. I was shocked the first time I ran 10 miles after that class, ran them faster than I've ever ran that distance, and felt like I could do more!
A couple of weeks ago, I saw someone in the Pig group and commented on how easy and relaxed his stride looked - like he was going for a stroll in the park. He said he had done the Smooth Running class. Then, a week or two later, someone else in the running group said the same thing to me - she said I made running look so easy. I recommended the class! 

The one downside is that I CAN'T slow down unless I'm really tired! I've got the 180 cadence pretty well ingrained in me by now, and I know that stride length is what makes one run faster/slower, but if I try to slow down to a super easy pace by making my stride length really short, it still feels so close to the same effort that it takes to run a little faster. (Make sense?) So right now I can run easy (but not SUPER easy) and I can run hard, and not much in between, and I have a very narrow pace range - like maybe a one-minute range - that I can cover! If I try to run outside that range, one way or another, my form suffers.  

Overall, though, that's not even a big deal, considering that not only am I running faster, but I feel stronger and running feels much, MUCH more natural now. I can keep my mile splits within a few seconds of each other even when I'm tired. I feel like a running machine!!
– Kate
Bob, not only did this class show me some of the things I needed to improve on form-wise, it was a catalyst to me helping my sister to pain-free running.  I saw right away what she was doing wrong (and had been since she was a cross country runner in high school) and at our age, that improper form was finally taking its toll… it kept her on her bike and off her feet.  With your class, I was able to easily spot rigid running form, a stride way too long, and that classic checkmark heel strike.  All was fixed and she ran the Thanksgiving 10k pain free (she couldn’t run for three months after the previous Thanksgiving day race).  I would have to say that bit of time with your class was a great benefit to us and others!
– Patricia
Mr. Roncker, I'm the sister Patricia talked about, and she mentioned your interest in her testimonial. I have a regular column in the Westerville Pedal Pusher (bicycling club's newsletter).  Attached you'll find the December issue, and if you navigate to page 9, last two columns and on, you'll see places I talk about how Patti shared her class experiences with me.  I had problems in college (recreational runner, not competitive), but never knew my running form was the culprit (you'd have to start to page 8, "A while back" heading, to see some of that history I give; I'm in my 40s now).

I took a few weeks off at Christmas, and just began running again a week ago, starting at 12 minutes.  As I shared with my sister that night, I didn't even think about my form, and I had unconsciously gone back to old form.  After about 3 minutes, I got the first few stabs of pain in my left knee.  I thought, "uh-oh, what's wrong?"  Fortunately, the brain engaged quickly and I felt the heel strike, realized how upright I was, corrected stride length and body position, told myself "duh, run from your hips." I finished the run.  Two nights later when I ran again, 15 minutes this time, I made sure my stride was correct from the beginning.  I did not have a single stab of pain. Although I didn't participate in your class, I derived tremendous benefits.  

– Shari
Bob, The shorter stride tip worked, I use to have significant shin tenderness after I started running. After Saturday's training I did not feel much pain in the shin area since I focused in shorter strides.
– Carlos
Bob, I wanted to thank you for the class on Saturday.  I learned more in two hours than I have in 25 years of running.
– Russ

Thank you!  I really enjoyed the class, and I am happy to have what we covered in printed form so I can go back and remind myself of what we learned. I have been working on now striking down mid foot instead of heel first and I think I've got that mastered most of the time!  Am having trouble not swinging my arms past my midline, however.  Still working on that but as you say, it does take time.  
– Cathy
Dear Bob, it was very helpful for me, a totally new person to running (actually, I jog because I only go for cardio-vascular exercise and not for speed) last year at age 44.  Your class taught me that I landed too far down my foot, on my heels, and encouraged me to try to shift my landing more forward.  That heel-toe landing explained for me why running had ALWAYS felt awkward, clumsy and jarring to my whole body, even as a youngster at only 110 pounds.

After your class, I made a point of attending to my landing and re-training it.  It took a little while but it worked and I now land in a much more comfortable way.  It makes me feel lighter (even at a body weight well north of 110 pounds!) and not jarred, what a relief!
Thank you so very much.
– Kimberley in Glendale.

Good morning, Bob. I wanted to share my feedback on the Smooth Running class. 

Although it has been several months, I took away several key learnings that I continue to work on: 
1. Efficient use of the arms (minimize crossover or wasted energy)
2. Continue to focus on mid to toe ground strike (minimize the "check mark")
3. Conscious effort to control breathing (this has been one of the areas that has been more difficult for me)
4. The balance exercises are very helpful - especially as I get older
I also noticed an increase in performance, including overall pace and feeling stronger throughout the run, as well as being able to run longer.  Thanks for making the classes available - especially, the use of video. It is helpful to be able to visualize how I actually run and then incorporate the Smooth Running techniques to improve.
– Ray
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